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Sacramento County Water Agency Energy Efficiency Study, Sacramento, CA.  Mr. Carey acted as project Manager and project engineer for study of county-wide energy efficiency study.  Developed statistical analysis for ranking performance based on SMUD energy billing data and production.  Coordinated pump test programs and identified cost saving strategies involving smart meters and system optimization through the use of advanced technologies

Palmdale Water District Energy Efficiency Study, Palmdale CA.  Mr. Carey acted as project Manager and Project Engineer for system-wide energy efficiency study for 30 mgd conjunctive use program.  Identified opportunities to optimize granular activated carbon system and minimize headlosses through control system upgrades.

Pacific Gas & Electric, California. Mr. Carey served as project manager and engineer for process optimization of numerous California water and wastewater facilities, and the demand side management (DSM) program.

PECO Energy, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Borough of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Mr. Carey performed an energy audit for the borough of Pottstown wastewater treatment plant. Developed energy conservation measures based upon field observations and existing operating conditions. Reviewed record drawings and worked with plant staff to develop an energy inventory for determining the energy use distribution within the plant. Reviewed historic energy bills and corresponding consumption and demand rates, and made recommendations for off‑peak operations to reduce operating costs. Researched and developed alternatives for on‑site sludge dewatering to reduce disposal costs. Compiled a comprehensive report for all findings.