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One strength of the MC Engineering team is cost effective and accurate leak detection for water distribution systems. MC Engineering has developed a specialized skill set after having completed multiple Component Analysis, leak detection studies, meter evaluations, AWWA water audits, and related work for others.  We have a strategic partnership with Utility Services Associates (USA), a leading leak survey company, to help identify best practices for leak surveys with an emphasis on data collection and data management.

MC Engineering, Inc. has conducted several system-wide leak detection surveys for our clients in California.  The Company owns and maintains state-of-the-art leak detection equipment including noise loggers designed to detect leaks during late night/early morning hours to avoid background noise, ground microphones, correlating loggers, and correlators.  Our strategic partnership with USA combines our engineering, GIS mapping, and water utility operations knowledge with USA’s extensive leak survey experience and their background as a national leader in conducting leak surveys.

Experience counts! USA has successfully completed over 4,250 leak detection projects, serving over 2,000 clients.  USA has a reputation for speed and accuracy working with hundreds of communities saving millions of dollars and conserving water at the same time.

Some of the features and benefits of the MC Engineering team include:

  • In-depth understanding of AWWA Water Audit and Component Analysis Process:  The Component Analysis process is relatively new to the water industry.  In addition to having completed dozens of AWWA water audits for utilities in North America, MC Engineering recently prepared in-depth Component Analysis for two major water utilities; California American Water and El Dorado Irrigation District.    We developed innovative approaches to structuring and managing the large amounts of inter-related data in order to optimize future water utility functions.
  • Detailed understanding of the role of Apparent Losses when assessing the various components of Real Losses:  In addition to maintaining our own meter testing and leak detection equipment we have an in-depth understanding of the role of Apparent Losses and meter accuracy based on numerous meter replacement projects, testing programs, and meter efficiency studies conducted for our clients.
  • Ability to identify and monetize the benefits of Proactive Leak Detection:  Ultimately, the Component Analysis process is intended to evaluate the Economic Intervention Frequency (EIF) from on-going proactive leak detection efforts.  Our real-world experience with acoustic leak detection and utility operations will aid in assisting the District in justifying and refining existing and planned water loss programs.  USA, our sub-consultant, is one of the nation’s leading leak surveying companies.  USA has knowledge of IRWD and has had an on-going dialogue with IRWD staff in the past.