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Members of the MC Engineering, Inc. team have played a primary role in leading the following modelling and planning projects to completion:

Water Modeling Project, Lincoln California.  Mr. Carey served as Project Manager for modeling efforts for a 6,800 lot subdivision.  He provided the technical review of design criteria, modeling assumptions, and establishing pressure zones and related PRV stations.

Water Supply Development and Planning, Tehama County California.  Mr. Carey directed engineers and provided planning services for a 3,700 lot master planned community.  The project included preparing related engineering in order to comply with SB 610 and 221.  Mr. Carey directed the development of multiple groundwater wells and test holes to prepare a localized groundwater model in order to verify long-term water supplies.  He coordinated water supply studies with the Department of Health Services, DWR, and County Water Resources staff.  He managed the pre-design efforts for a membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater reclamation facility and related waste discharge permitting with the Regional Water Quality Control Board.  He directed the preparation of a water master plan, preliminary system layouts and pre-design level engineering for major water supply, storage, and pumping facilities to support the community.  He prepared budgets, estimates, schedules and related technical data to support a finance plan and the formation of a new CSD and water district.  He provided planning oversight for interchange improvements on I-5.

Master Planning of Water Supply Needs, Lincoln California.  Mr. Carey was involved in forecasting water supply demands and facility needs to address rapid growth in an area with limited public infrastructure.  He worked collectively with management team, consultants, and City staff to develop cost effective strategies to meet immediate and long-term City water supply needs.  Mr. Carey developed conjunctive use strategies for raw water, surface water, and groundwater resources.  He prepared various reports to management team for water supply alternatives.

In addition to the above projects, Mr. Prins of MC Engineering has developed unique modeling solutions to challenging engineering problems.