Project Desciption

City of Lincoln Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility, Lincoln, California. Served as Project Manager for approximately $100 million in improvements for a new tertiary treatment facility and related components. Related projects include effluent pipelines, outfall and monitoring stations, offsite reclamation facilities, and a 2.5 mile deep gravity influent pipeline. Served as Project Manager for 48″ to 66″ deep gravity sewer. Assisted in developing permitting strategy with the RWQCB. Reviewed all project plans, contractor change orders, pay requests, etc. Responsible for overseeing and managing budget and schedule for overall project.

Raw Water Conveyance and Pumping Facilities, Sun City Lincoln Hills, Lincoln California. Coordinated development of computerized water modeling software for projecting irrigation demands based on evapo-transpiration and irrigation efficiency. Determined annual water supply needs to support 500 acres of irrigated turf for 2 major golf courses. Prepared summary report and control strategies for pumping facilities with a 15 mgd combined pumping capacity. Developed specifications and coordinated installation of golf course booster stations and fertilizer feed equipment. Provided oversight for raw water conveyance and irrigation system hydraulic model.

Sewage Lift Station and Forcemain, Sun City Lincoln Hills, Lincoln California. Provided value engineering and design oversight for 36″ gravity sewer, lift station and forcemain to accommodate project startup of Sun City Lincoln Hills. Prepared bid documents, conducted all bidding procedures and managed construction and project completion in conjunction with City inspection staff. Worked under strict schedule constraints to complete installation in order to convey project flows to existing city WWTP at startup.