Mr. Diaz currently provides engineering support for water meter related projects including construction management of meter installation projects. He has extensive skills in acoustic leak detection and related water efficiency services for the municipal water and wastewater industry. He specializes in GIS, AutoCAD design and managing meter and related water efficiency projects.

• City of Livermore AMI Installation Project: Project Manager for meter installation contract for the City of Livermore to oversee all data management, GIS mapping, and data verification. Implemented project controls, developed project schedule and initial work plan. Employed, trained, supervised, and implemented quality control measures with a field crew of eight laborers to facilitate the installation of approximately 10,300 Sensus 520M’s to existing residential and commercial meters, registers, and boxes/lids.

• Clearlake Oaks County Water District Inflow and Infiltration Study: Collected data and monitored collection system as an integral component of the Infiltration and Inflow Study to isolate problem areas. Developed a detailed collection system and distribution system GIS map books with field verification of the rim elevations, invert elevations, valve locations, and GPS coordinates of District assets. Refined AutoCAD details for USDA Wastewater Design project integral in the construction of eight lift stations. Assisted in evaluating and developing influent scenarios corresponding to waste discharge and potential NPDES discharge options associated with the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). Completed an Acoustic Leak Detection Survey of approximately 18.5 miles of the distribution system utilizing electroacoustic water leak locator with ground mic, noise loggers, and HL 5,000 correlators. Developed ranking criteria for distribution system based on leak history, leak detection investigation, pipe type, size, and pressure zones.

• Town of Hillsborough Leak Detection Study: Conducted an acoustic leak detection survey of approximately 100 miles of the distribution system to address real and apparent losses and related monetary implications as it applied to the Town of Hillsborough’s meter program and other capital investments. Obtained GPS coordinates of the Town’s hydrants, water valves, and potential leaks imported into GIS for future use in an asset management program. Assisted Golden State Flow Measurement (GSFM) in data management, GIS mapping, and data validation of approximately 4,300 meter change- outs with Sensus 520M endpoints. Verified data and installation performance as recorded by the Sensus collectors and related Remote Network Interface (RNI) database in order to track project performance. Prepared various GIS maps and RNI status updates in support of the GSFM subcontractor’s field crews on a weekly basis.

• City of Orland Leak Detection Study: Conducted an acoustic leak detection survey of approximately 17 miles of the distribution system to investigate water efficiency and metering for the City of Orland. Documented existing suspected water losses and made recommendations for various investigations in metering, control system upgrades, and other water improvements. Performed an AWWA water audit to determine the City’s infrastructure leakage index (ILI) utilizing the AWWA Water Audit Software. Obtained GPS coordinates of the Town’s hydrants, water valves, and potential leaks imported into GIS for future use in an asset management program.

• City of Chowchilla Leak Detection Study: Managed and performed a preliminary leak survey of approximately 35 miles of cast iron, ductile iron, and C900 PVC water mains for the City of Chowchilla. The survey was performed to determine the critical water loss areas and to provide a preliminary estimate the amount of yearly loss within the City’s water system. Created survey forms and a GIS map to analyze, and understand patterns and relationships of the distribution system pipe age, size, and material to locate leaks in subsequent phases using leak correlating methods and related equipment to pinpoint actual leak locations prior to repairs.

• Georgetown Divided PUD AMR Meter RFP: Developed an RFP for Georgetown Divide Public Utility District to replace approximately 4,000 meters and implement a Neptune AMR system. Assisted in facilitating a Pre-Bid meeting with potential Contractors and provided meeting munities to all attendees. Compiled questions related to the RFP from potential Contractors and sent out a formal response, and provided addendums to the RFP as required.

• Western Municipal Water District AMI/AMR RFP and Study: Maximized and updated a meter management program for the Western Municipal Water District. Duties included analyzing current billing data, field surveying all the Districts commercial and residential meters, developing a set of criteria on which to rank water meters for testing and replacement while calculating related projected revenue increases, developed an RFP to replace and install new meters and retrofit existing meters with endpoints for a Neptune manual read/AMI/AMR infrastructure.