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Members of the MC Engineering, Inc. team have played a primary role in leading the following wastewater treatment projects to completion:

City of Lincoln Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility, Lincoln, California.  Mr. Carey served as the Project Manager for approximately $100 million in improvements for a new tertiary treatment facility and related components.  Related projects include effluent pipelines, outfall and monitoring stations, offsite reclamation facilities, and a 2.5 mile deep gravity influent pipeline.  He served as the Project Manager for a 48” to 66” deep gravity sewer.  He assisted in developing a permitting strategy with the RWQCB.  Mr. Carey reviewed all project plans, contractor change orders, pay requests, etc.  He was responsible for overseeing and managing budget and schedule for overall project.

Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion, Lincoln, California.  Mr. Carey assisted with negotiations between City and Development Community to determine viable alternatives for expanding the City’s land disposal and treatment facilities.  He identified pipeline alignments and assisted in right-of-way acquisition and CEQA process.  Mr. Carey also reviewed RWQCB permit applications and provided technical input on proposed construction and related schedule.

Sewage Lift Station and Forcemain, Sun City Lincoln Hills, Lincoln California.  Mr. Carey provided value engineering and design oversight for a 36” gravity sewer, lift station and forcemain to accommodate project startup of Sun City Lincoln Hills.  He prepared bid documents, conducted all bidding procedures and managed construction and project completion in conjunction with City inspection staff.  He worked under strict schedule constraints to complete the installation in order to convey project flows to existing city WWTP at startup.

Gravity Sewer and Forcemain Project, Lincoln California.  Mr. Carey served as the project manager for a 30” and 36” gravity sewer and creek crossing and an 18” forcemain.  Project included depths up to 20 feet in existing City streets and crossing of environmentally sensitive areas under strict schedule constraints.  He worked with City staff consultants and contractors to install critical sections prior to the placement of pavement in approved subdivisions.  He also assisted in CEQA and right-of-way acquisition and coordinated pre-purchase of C-905 and ductile iron pipe.

Hangtown Wastewater Treatment Plant, City of Placerville, California. Mr. Carey prepared a master plan and identified improvement alternatives to expand the wastewater treatment plant to meet 2015 projected flows and high infiltration and inflow related flows.  He conducted follow‑up process assessments of the secondary clarifiers and disinfection system.  He served as a design engineer for a 1.3‑mg flow equalization basin and plant-wide control system.  Mr. Carey determined design improvements for chlorination and dechlorination system.  He performed construction management services, including submittal reviews, coordinating construction meetings, and approving contractor pay requests.  Mr. Carey prepared design documents for additional improvements, including an aeration basin and fine bubble diffused air system, new secondary clarifier, and standby power system.

City of Manteca Wastewater Quality Control Facility Phase III Expansion.  Mr. Inferrera provided residential engineering support, field inspection, and document control services for the City of Manteca WQCF Phase III Expansion.  Improvements included the construction of a solids handling facility, pump station, and installation of a new centrifuge, along with associated electrical and pipeline improvements.  A shop building and a locker room for plant staff was also constructed.