• Key services

  • We provide a variety of planning, engineering design, construction, and funding related services for public water and wastewater agencies. (Scroll down below for an overview)

Efficiency Services

Our experience provides clients with unique insights into how to improve the efficiency of existing water and wastewater utility operations.

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Planning and Studies

Good projects start with effective planning aimed at analyzing existing systems and developing recommendations that make the best use of existing limited capital.

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Infrastructure Design

MC Engineering focuses on water and wastewater utility infrastructure including pump stations, pipelines, collection systems and treatment facilities.

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Construction Management

Our team typically stays involved in projects from conception to completion.

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Our team has a proven track record of identifying and securing grant funding and low interest loans for qualified projects.

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GIS and Mapping

Our team relies on the latest technology for creating state-of-the-art maps, planning documents and design tools.

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Meter Efficiency and Optimization

Our team has prepared numerous planning studies, bid packages, and designs for meter replacement projects.

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Water Audit Validation

SB 555 now requires all medium and large water utilities to submit a validated AWWA water audit annually for inclusion in a state-wide database.

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MC Engineering’s mission is to improve our client’s bottom line through collaborative planning, design, and construction services that leverage technology to minimize costs and provide for more efficient operations.