Efficiency Services

MC Engineering, Inc. understands the challenges of offering and delivering an effective and efficient condition assessment program for water infrastructure and is pleased to offer its breakthrough Smart Water technology that automatically locates leak and measures their size and severity. By identifying each individual leak, MC Engineering’s U.S. patented technology can not only rank and prioritize each main line based on severity, but can locate each leak inside the pipe to facilitate the correct recommended repair, rehabilitation, or replacement. Further information may be found at www.electroscan.com

MC Engineering owns and maintains state-of- the-art leak detection equipment including noise loggers designed to detect leaks during late night/early morning hours to avoid background noise, ground microphones, correlating loggers, and correlators.

Company Expertise

MC Engineering, Inc. focuses on serving the municipal water industry and has planning, design, and construction experience pertinent to AMI feasibility and implementation, water system operations, water metering, asset and data management for water utilities, and energy demand management. MC Engineering has developed a specialized skill set after having completed multiple Component Analysis, leak detection studies, meter evaluations, AWWA water audits, and related work for others