MC Engineering and staff have assisted in the following successful water and wastewater grant and loan applications:

• Grant Application for the $ 4.0million CLOCWD Wastewater Facility Improvement Project.

• Grant applications to the SWRCB DWSRF for various water system improvement projects totaling $ 15.0 million, as recommended within the Water Master Plan for the Clearlake Oaks County Water District.

• Low-interest $12.0 million loan application for Blue Lake Springs Mutual Water Company Water System Improvements.

• $600,000 grant from the SWRCB Office of Water Recycling Program for the Lincoln Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility

• Prepared application to the USDA for “Emergency” grant funding to relocate raw water pumping intake on Shasta Dam. Application was for approximately $600,000.

• $250,000 grant from the USDA Rural Development Program for a new water system for the Riddle Road Area

• Over $3.0 million grant from the SWRCB Clean Water Grant Program for the collection, transport, and pumping facilities for un-sewered communities.

• Over $2.0 million in grant funding from the CA Dept. of Health Services Safe Drinking Water Bond Act for various water transport and treatment plant projects

• $1.15 million in grants and loans from the CA Dept. of Health Services Safe Drinking water Bond Act ($400,000 grant and $600,000 loan) for the new Shasta Dam Area PUD Water Treatment Facility

• $500,000 in grants from the CA Dept. of Water Resources Groundwater Management 404 Grant Program for a City-wide groundwater management plan