MC Engineering, Inc. > City of Brentwood Meter Optimization Project

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MC Engineering analyzed water meter data for the City of Brentwood and identified meters that were statistically likely to be experiencing significant losses in flow registration accuracy.  With support from City personnel, MC Engineering performed a meter survey to identify possible candidates for testing.  Working closely with City personnel, Mr. Carey and Mr. Inferrera developed a set of criteria on which to rank water meters for testing and replacement while calculating related projected revenue increases.  The testing criteria included attributes such as meter size, meter age, and service type. Optimal candidates were selected for testing in order to prioritize limited replacement dollars while maximizing revenues. Candidates for testing were mapped in Arc-GIS and surveyed, and a subset of these scheduled to be tested and replaced.  The goal of this project is to provide the City with an accurate estimate of their anticipated meter accuracy improvements and build a business case for meter replacement.